Be Your Own Boss
(work from home, become a representative partner IT'S FREE)

Are you interested in earning some extra money or having a long-term income? Become part of the biggest equestrian laundry company in England, be self-employed and work in a way that suits you. We have over 100 representative partners today and growing fast, we are actively seeking to grow our network now.

Become a Simply Rugs Equine Laundry representative partner and supply a complete rug laundry and repair service to your friends at your livery yard and other yards in your area, this service can add a lot to an existing equestrian business, drawing in people with the similar interests and on a regular basis. Our web based dealer directory attracts people in your area looking for Equine rug wash and repair services.

What's In It For Me?

If you love horses and all the latest fashion trends, then being a Simply Rugs representative partner is just right for you. It's the perfect way to help you pay for the every day items and the dream items you just have to have.

Be Your Own Boss

The sky's the limit when you create your own business as a representative partner. When you work for others; they determine your salary, your hours and often your career path. When you run your own business with Simply Rugs there's no limit to your financial and personal success. We give full training and provide everything you need. We will collect and deliver to you regularly so there is no need for you to be away from your location or provide a van.

We Have All You Need To Succeed.

We're here to support you and to ensure you've got all the help you need to succeed. Still not sure? Come and talk to some of our existing partners and see how well they have done.

We have a saying at Simply Rugs….. In business for yourself…. Not by yourself.