Simply Rugs Use Of Cookies

What Are Cookies?

A cookie is a tiny text file that contains some information that may be passed back and forth between your browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari) and a computer running a website. It does not contain any code or personal information about you and cannot do anything. Most websites set them and many cannot function properly without them. Typically they just contain a long string of letters and numbers set at random so that the server knows that a visitor is the same as before. This means, for example, that someone can log in to a website and stay logged in.

Why does Simply Rugs use cookies?

Simply Rugs uses cookies to allow you to log in securely and make a purchase from us, for example the cookie allows us to identify which products you have chosen to put in your trolley and save them there for you whilst you browse around.

What type of cookies does Simply Rugs use?

Simply Rugs only sets one single cookie known as a Session Cookie, this is a single code to identify your computer session uniquely, it does not identify you, all other information is stored securely on our server and if it does not relate to a purchase is deleted shortly after you leave. We do not show third party content in our pages of any sort, including advertising so we do not knowingly expose you to third party cookies. We do not use any third party analytics or tracking in our website.

Can I stop Simply Rugs cookies?

Yes, you can disable cookies in your browser option settings either entirely for all websites or by a single domain, however you will no longer be able to buy anything from us, this is because our shopping cart cannot store information specifically for you without a cookie.

Can I see Simply Rugs cookies?

Yes,in your browsers privacy settings you can browse all of the cookies saved on your computer and see the contents of the cookie. You will see that it has a name and a code along with an expiry date, you can delete them after you have used our website if you choose.

Does Simply Rugs use third party cookies?

No, we do not knowingly expose any third party cookies, nor do we use any third party for any analytics, advertising or tracking data.

We hope your visit to Simply Rugs is a pleasant one, if you would like to have any additonal information about our use of Cookies or any other matter regarding the use of our website then please contact us